Not Everyone Can Breastfeed 

A small percentage of new mothers are unable to exclusively breastfeed despite all efforts due to Insufficient Glandular Tissue.  This website's purpose is to call attention to this condition, provide resources, and help mothers in this situation to make connections with others through their stories.

What is Insufficient Glandular Tissue? 

In the breast, the glandular cells are responsible for milk production. Normally there is an increase in glandular tissue growth during both puberty and pregnancy, especially the first eight weeks of pregnancy.  This growth is in response to stimulation by progesterone.

In some women the amount of glandular tissue is not enough to produce the milk required to nourish a child.  Women with INSUFFICIENT Glandular Tissue may have experienced a lack of breast changes during puberty and/or pregnancy, no engorgement, and a low milk supply requiring donor milk or formula supplementation for their child to survive. Do you think you have IGT? Please read our self-diagnosis page for help.

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